About Us

Founder's Story: Dr. Ron Feyl's story begins about 40 years ago where he was raised in a big house that was built at the turn of the century. As a child, he thought his life was normal, despite the fact that from time to time the upstairs doors would open and close, lights and TV sets would go on and off by themselves, but all time he never gave it much thought, he was only 11 years old. At night he would hear phantom footsteps and feel cold spots in the family room, but all the time he thought things were normal. It was many years later that he realized that his family's home was haunted and what he was encountering was what is now called paranormal pheomena, first hand, for many years. His encounters with the paranormal continued throughout the years, professionally and personally. As a priest and psychologist, he performed many religious services such as last rites, house blessing, and exorcism rituals. His first hand experience comes from interacting with angels, demons, and disembodied personalities, ghosts. He does not claim to be an expert in the paranormal, but he is an authority in his own first hand paranormal experience. Dr. Sue Feyl had a grandmother with a spooky ability to dream abour people she never knew and 24 hours later, they would be dead. Dr. Feyl has a little grandma in her. She can smell strange odors like cigar smoke and perfume over specific grave sites, has her TV turn on and off by itself, and can hear ghostly footsteps at night. She majored in physics, has run paranormal experiments on auras, and ghostly electric field disturbances, and has taught both physics and computer science at the university level.